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Tuition fees listed on this schedule include applicable Supply, Enrichment (Grades 1-8), Capital fees, and Snack (Preschool/Kindergarten).  


Capital Fee

Capital improvements are funded by an annual $500.00 Capital Fee that is included in the tuition total listed.


Field Trips

Families will generally not be asked to pay for field trips or school overnight trips.  A portion of the costs of these trips has been included in your tuition and Sunrise will strive to cover as much of these costs as possible.  If your child’s teacher wishes to schedule special trips requiring extra funds, class fundraising may be requested for the class. 



Owning or renting musical instruments is required for students in Grades 4 to 8.  There are a few school-owned instruments that may be available to borrow for families in need.


Statement of Account

Statements will be emailed for overdue accounts and are payable upon receipt.  An interest charge of 2% may be applied to outstanding amounts if the full contract amount is not paid by July 1, 2025.



Two weeks’ written notice is required for all withdrawals, except in the case of a new student during their three-month trial period.  If a student is withdrawn without the required two weeks’ notice, the responsible party will be required to pay any outstanding fees.  For withdrawals after August 1, 2024, the August tuition payment is non-refundable. 


Excused Absences

In order for Sunrise to receive the provincial grant from the Ministry of Education and Child Care for each student, they must attend a minimum of 600 hours from September to May 15th of each school year.  However, if student absences are excused because the student is unwell, these qualify to meet the required hours.  It is essential that you inform the office when your child is away and for what reason. 


Tuition Assistance

To help make Sunrise Waldorf School accessible to more families, Sunrise offers tuition assistance based on financial need.  There are limited funds available and amounts vary depending on financial circumstances. To apply, visit our website ( Application information is strictly confidential.  


Fees for preschool programs do not qualify for tuition adjustment. The provincial Affordable Child Care Benefit provides funds to assist eligible BC families with the cost of preschool fees. 


Sunrise Waldorf School offers a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) for registered and new students to provide partial financial relief from full tuition costs.  Tuition Assistance is available for families with children aged five and older upon acceptance to Sunrise Waldorf School.  Children younger than five are provincially subsidized through the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) and may also apply for the Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB). 


All families wishing to be considered for the TAP must complete an application form and provide verification of their income and other financial information.  A $30.00 application fee payable by cash, cheque or e-transfer to is required with submission of the application.  Please contact Joy at to receive a link to the application.


Important information to consider:

  • The financial information provided on the application form is handled with extreme confidentiality between the Finance Director and members of the Tuition Assistance Committee.

  • Decisions for an adjustment take into consideration total annual income, net assets, total tuition fees and the overall financial situation of the applicant. The Committee members also consider special circumstances regarding specific family situations that may impact their personal financial situation. It is recognized that parents may have to make monetary and/or lifestyle compromises to enable their children to attend Sunrise Waldorf School. Applicants may be asked to provide further information through the Finance Director, if necessary. In all cases, the Supplies, Enrichment and Capital fees are to be paid.

  • Funding for the TAP comes directly from tuition revenue received and donations made to Sunrise. Changes in these revenues may change the amounts offered for relief each year.

  • Tuition adjustments are awarded for the current year only and are expected to be a temporary measure to alleviate hardship. Subsequent applications are re-evaluated each year.

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