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Tuition adjustment is available for families with children aged five and older. (Children younger than five are eligible to apply for the BC Child Care Subsidy). All families wishing to be considered for tuition adjustment must complete an application form and provide verification of their income and other documentation, as requested.


Important information to consider:

  • The financial information provided on the application form is entered into a formula that has been developed to provide the Committee members with an objective comparison of all applications. This formula considers total annual income, net assets, total tuition and fees of the applicant, etc., to determine the amount of adjustment. However, the Committee members may also consider special circumstances regarding specific family situations that may impact their final award decision. It is recognized that parents (including parents who pay full fees) may have to make monetary and/or lifestyle compromises to enable their children to attend Sunrise Waldorf School. Applicants may be asked to provide further information through the Finance Director, if necessary.

  • Although the school would like to offer as much support as necessary to allow each student who would like to attend the school to do so regardless of financial limitations, we are not always able to do so due to budgetary limitations.  Funding for the Tuition Adjustment Program comes directly from the tuition revenue received from SWS parents and the Provincial government. The ability to offer families an appropriately assessed tuition level is affected by the number of applications received in a given year. Total tuition adjustment is set at 10% of the net tuition income for the school year in which it is awarded with a minimum payment of $2,935.00 per student expected (although this condition may be waived in extreme circumstances; in all cases, supply fees and activity fees must be paid by the family).

  • Applications are accepted during the re-registration period and awarded before the contract for the new school year is finalized.  Although applications may be made following the re-registration period if a family’s financial situation changes due to unforeseen circumstances, the available funds may be limited.  We do set aside a portion of the tuition adjustment budget for these special circumstances.

  • Tuition adjustment awards cannot be made to any family who has a past due or arrears balance owing to Sunrise Waldorf School.  A payment plan for paying down any past due balance  must first be agreed with the Business Administrator prior to a Tuition Adjustment application being reviewed by the Tuition Adjustment Committee. If you are in arrears, please make an appointment with the Business Administrator before submitting your Tuition Adjustment application.

  • Tuition adjustment is awarded for the current year only and is expected to be a temporary measure to alleviate hardship.  Subsequent applications are re-evaluated each year. Parents who sign an agreement for reduced tuition fees are expected to honour that agreement.


Please note: Please contact the Finance Director to receive a link to the application. All new applicants for tuition adjustment must first complete registration at full tuition levels and at the same time submit the tuition adjustment application for consideration. If the adjustment application is approved then the registration contract will be altered according to the decision. All tuition adjustment applications require a $30 non refundable application fee which can be paid by cash, cheque or e-transfer directed to

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