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Care Co-ordinating Group

Who are we?

Our active Care Coordinating Group (CCG) comprises teachers, staff and our Education Director. We meet every week and concern ourselves with the wellbeing of the children at Sunrise. 

How Can We Understand the Developing Child?

At times, children can become ‘disoriented’ and struggle in one or another area. Feeling excluded or targetted by their peers, struggling with self-regulation or finding it hard to keep up with the class in lessons are part of growing up, and meeting these challenges with compassion and understanding, as well as giving the child tools for overcoming these challenges, is the work of the CCG.

How do we work?

When we become aware of a child who is struggling in any way, we gather perspectives from those close to the child and we look at contributing factors. We find strategies, amongst our many combined years of experience, to help the child find solutions and gain self-confidence in their own abilities. 

Working with parents, teachers and experts is also an important aspect of this process. Support circles, change plans, tutoring and counseling are some of the tools we can use, as well as class activities, such as Council, that foster belonging, cooperation and acceptance of the other and contribute to a healthy social life within the class. 

Bringing in the Experts: Simplicity Parenting and Kim John Payne

Kim John Payne is a school counselor, parenting coach and author of best-sellers Simplicity Parenting and The Soul of Discipline. We work with his Three Streams approach - the social, behavioral and academic life of the child in school. Read the Student Support in the School Community from the Center of Social Sustainability to learn more. His insights into the inner lives of children and his compassionate solutions for families and schools alike make his work a valuable resource for anyone working with children. 

We invite you to learn more about Simplicity Parenting as part of your journey at Sunrise.

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