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The warm and nurturing atmosphere of our Preschool offers children, ages three to five, a gentle transition from home to school. A daily rhythm of active play, puppetry, story telling and gentle circle time inspire a sense of wonder and enhance the children’s newly blossoming social skills. Our experienced, caring teachers and daily use of the natural, protected outdoor play areas are the foundations for our preschool program.

Daily Activities

 Each day’s activities are smoothly woven together creating predictable rhythms through which children begin to explore the world. At SWS the children in the preschool spend a great deal of time outside (rain or shine). They also spend time each day in open ended indoor play, as well as focused activities such as morning circle or story time. This balance provides security and a feeling of well-being within the child.

The individual days of the week bring with them particular tasks such as painting, baking, soup making, drawing and seasonal crafts. Through their play, artistic and purposeful activities, the children find their place in an environment where appreciation for the creative forces of nature and healthy social interactions are practiced and modeled.


Creating Play 

In the Waldorf tradition, a great emphasis is placed on creating a beautiful and nurturing classroom environment. Playthings are made of simple and natural materials which awaken the child's own imagination. Great joy is found in using colorful silk and cotton play cloths, soft dolls, wooden toys, and items from nature to create anything a young child's heart delights in. The children’s creative, robust play becomes a wellspring for creative original thought and later intellectual accomplishment.

Media and Children

Waldorf schools encourage parents to create a media-free home environment for their children. This protects the child from sensory damage and allows for a healthy, unhindered development of the child’s imaginative, creative and social skills.

Preschool is offered Monday through Friday from 8:30am-1:30 pm.


Parents may apply for:

2 days (Mon - Tues)

3 days (Wed - Fri)

5 days (Mon-Fri)


Children must be 3 years of age by December 31st to qualify for this program.

For more information contact our Admissions office.

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