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SWS parents are automatically members of the Parent Association! This dynamic community-building association helps to organize and orient the parent community. All parents are heartily welcome to come to any meetings and involve themselves in the activities and projects spearheaded by the PA. All involvement is optional and much appreciated. Please also see the note on volunteerism, below. Meetings are scheduled on the first Wednesday of every month from 4-6pm. Contact the SWPA via email. 

The Parent Association serves as the vehicle for full parental involvement in the life of the school community. The Parent Association actively supports the work of the Board and Faculty, and contributes to the intellectual, physical and social climate of the school community. The Parent Association is a non-profit organization and is incorporated under its own bylaws and constitution as legislated by the Society Act. There are several executive positions on the Parent Association that are voted in annually. 

Meeting minutes can be found here


PA Initiatives

The Parent Association has been involved in some exciting projects over the years. As well as hosting large events such as our annual Pumpkin Path and Winter Faire, the Parent Association has also been involved in initiatives such as:

  • Outdoor ping pong table

  • Roadside signboard 

  • Playground improvements

  • Sunrise Waldorf School branded locally made clothing

  • Parent Education - presentations and screenings

  • Student learning garden

  • School directories

These and many other initiatives are part of what creates the strong fabric of our community.

Support Sunrise while you shop!

A percentage of all purchases through Warmth and Weather, and Emily Press go towards our SWPA!



Volunteering - A Parent's Commitment

The Parent Association relies on volunteerism from the whole parent body to make events and projects possible. This includes volunteering at festivals such as Winter Faire, assisting with field trips, classroom projects and school plays; providing snacks and treats for special occasions and more.


The Class Parent role is another way that parents can offer service to the school community. A Class Parent is chosen by the teacher and is in regular communication with the them, organizes help for the class and conveys information from the PA to the parents of that class. This person can be a wonderful asset to the social structure of the class and the whole school by being present and aware to what is alive in the group and acting in the best interests of all. 


By volunteering, parents get to know the students, their families and each other. These relationships give our school a close knit feel, and create a strong sense of community. There are opportunities for everyone and we appreciate all the time and energy that our parents give to the school.

Parent Lending Library

The Parent Association is excited to officially launch our Parent Lending Library. We have been collecting and purchasing a wide array of parent resource books that we hope will serve our community. We have a collection of books on parenting, attachments, digital media, 9 year change, parenting a teenager, and many Waldorf education resource books as well.


Check out our growing list by clicking this link. You can also find these books in person at the PA meetings every month.


To borrow a book, please contact or come join us at our monthly PA meetings! We are also still collecting books to build this library - if you have a resource that you would like to donate, please contact us by email as well. Happy reading!

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