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Student Learning Garden

Sunrise Waldorf School enjoys an expansive student garden with areas interwoven into Waldorf curriculum including study of agriculture and botany, as well as growing foods for seasonal celebrations such as potatoes for latkes and vegetables for Michaelmas soup.  Within the student garden we have a natural dye and textile garden supporting handwork,  a medicine garden for simple medicinal crafts such as salve and tea, and many pollinator gardens throughout.   

Early Childhood Garden, Orchard and Rose Garden

In addition to the main Student Learning Garden, Early Childhood has its own dedicated area where they grow potatoes for the autumn harvest festival and other flowers, vegetables and berries.  Adjacent to the Early Childhood Garden we have expanded our orchard and middle school students created a rose garden in which there is a spacious gathering area. 

Outdoor Classrooms

Throughout the campus are a variety of gathering areas for outdoor classroom spaces, some sheltered from the rain, some shaded and some in the sun.  When studying shelters, classes 3 and 4 worked with a local willow artist to create a Living Willow structure.  Other outdoor classroom spaces include a circle in the midst of the dye garden, a greenhouse, and a shaded area in the flower garden under the shade of a big leaf maple.  

Here is a short video showing the creation of our school gardens using principles of permaculture and restoration agriculture:



Many thanks for support of grants from the Whole Kids Foundation and TD Trust, discounted micro drip watering system from Warmland Irrigation, as well  donations from local businesses including many trucks of donated soil from Dinter Nursery and deer fencing from Buckerfields.  Also  many thanks to the ongoing volunteer hours of parents during weekly work days and all who have shown up on weekend and holiday work days including parents and students, grandparents, graduates, and teachers. 

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