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Secretary to the Board of Directors of Sunrise Educational Society
Board Officer Job Description
Board Director & Officer Role

As the governing body of Sunrise Waldorf School (school), the Sunrise Educational Society (SES) Board stewards
and safeguards the school for future generations. The SES Board focuses on the school's good governance,
strategic priorities, and supports executive decision-making. It ensures that school policies align with the Society's
Vision and Mission; and reduces fiduciary risk through appropriate and regular oversight and assessment.
In addition to serving as a Board Director, the SES Board Secretary is responsible for keeping records of the Society
and its meetings, ensuring decisions and action items are documented, stored and communicated appropriately,
and that confidential documents and deliberations remain confidential.
Primary Duties:
● Creation and timely distribution of agenda for Board of Directors’ meetings and Society membership
meetings (e.g. annual general meeting)
● Accurate recording and distribution of the minutes of Board of Directors meetings. The minutes should
reflect the format and level of detail that the Board determines
● Maintenance of a full contact list of Board members including Board member appointment dates,
birthdates, addresses, term of appointments and Board member bios
● Oversight of the Society’s incorporation status and the facilitation of annual filings of required reports and
information with BC Societies Registry, with assistance from school staff
● In the event that the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting where minutes or notes are to be taken, it is
the secretary’s responsibility to find an alternate
Secondary Duties
● Maintain an up-to-date list of members of the Society in collaboration with the Registrar
● Book the location of the Board of Directors and Society membership meetings, and organize the setting up
of special equipment and digital requirements as needed
● Accurate recording, storage and distribution of the minutes of the Society’s Annual General Meeting
● Accurate recording, storage and monitoring of Director/Officer attendance at meetings
● Maintain Society Bylaws, Board manuals and handbooks as needed, and on a regular basis
● Signing Officer duties as needed
● Ensure the Privacy Information Protection Act is followed
● Maintain document retention timelines and oversee corresponding destruction of records
The Secretary is committed to the Society’s Vision, Mission and strategic directions. They can multitask, have the
ability to listen, and are willing to seek clarity and explanations about deadlines and limits. They are accurate and
precise, and are comfortable with Microsoft Office, Google Workspaces and online file management. An
understanding of (or commitment to understand) provincial and federal privacy laws, as well as a high level of
confidentiality, are required. In addition the Secretary is a resident of the community or within 100 km of Duncan.
Term of Office

Two year term, renewable in accordance to the bylaws

Time Commitment
This position requires a commitment of approximately 5-6 hours a month.
The Board Secretary is an Executive and voting member of the Board of Directors of the Society and appointed in a
manner consistent with the Bylaws. The role is accountable to the Board for the fulfillment of the duties and
responsibilities outlined in the Bylaws, the society’s policies and procedures, this job description and the SES Board
Principles of Best Practice. All Directors and Board Officers are provided a supportive annual evaluation by the
Board or Vice Chair, and are asked to complete a reflective, annual self evaluation. The Secretary may be removed
from the board, by special resolution, and in accordance with the Bylaws, for not performing their duties or not
being in-good standing over three months.
The Secretary, as other board members, has no authority to direct staff or take independent action on matters
outside of the duties outlined herein unless given such authority by the Board.

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