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Parking Lot and School Grounds’ Speed: The speed limit is 5km/hr at all times. This is the pace of a person walking. It is very slow and takes practice and patience to drive this slowly. Please look at your speedometer to check your speed. If you are not willing to drive at this speed, please do not enter the school grounds; instead, park on Lakeside Road and walk in.


Lakeside Road Speed: Please observe the school zone speed limit on Lakeside Road, it is 30km/hr.

Pedestrians: In the parking lot, please ask your children to look before they cross the road, and ask them to cross directly versus walking diagonally across the lot/road. Cars must stop for all pedestrians waiting to cross. Pedestrians have the right of way on the school grounds.

Drop Off/Pick Up: There are two drop off/pick up lanes, one in the pull through on Lakeside Road and one along the school side of the main parking lot lane. When dropping off/picking up, please:

  1. Do not park and exit your vehicle in the drop off/pick up lanes.

  2. Pull all the way over to the side of the drop off/pick up lane so vehicles can pass.

  3. Pull to the front of the drop off lane so people can pull in behind you. The main drop off lane ends before the front entrance gate. Stopping in front of the gate blocks people from being able to easily pass you as the road narrows there.

  4. Ask your children to exit on the school side of the vehicle.

Besides parking, the drop off lanes are the only places to drop off children. Please don’t pull beyond the front entrance gate and then reverse to exit the parking lot.

Carpooling: Families are encouraged to carpool with other families. This is a terrific way to reduce congestion in the parking lot, save money and help reduce carbon emissions. Thank you to families who already carpool!


Courtesy: When you are asked to slow down or modify your behaviour in the parking lot, please know this is not personal. The primary objective is student and community safety, and we must take collective responsibility to ensure there are no vehicular accidents. Thank you for your cooperation and attention to these requests.

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