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Student Dress Code

1. Safety:

Sunrise Waldorf School requires students to be dressed appropriately for the weather, and to ensure safety for a wide range of activities. Their clothing should fit properly and allow them to easily move from working at a desk to getting up and playing actively and safely. The following is outlined to allow students to fully participate in all school activities.

  • Jewelry : Class 1-5 jewelry may not be worn.

Small studs or sleeper hoops are permitted.

  • Jewelry:  Class 6-8 simple jewelry may be worn.

Dangling or large hoop earrings and nose rings are not permitted. If the jewelry poses safety risk the teacher may ask the student to remove it.

  • For all grades, handmade friendship bracelets are permitted.

  • Body and nose piercings are not permitted.

  • Students must wear footwear at school inside and outside. Special circumstances may exist for supervised activities.

  • All footwear including sandals must be closed toed, no flip flops or high heels permitted

  • Sleeves should not hang down over hands

  • Students must arrive at school with weather appropriate clothing. Sun hats, rain hats, rain boots and outerwear, as well as layers for unexpected changes in weather.


2. Freedom of Movement:

Students at Sunrise Waldorf School spend a great deal of time in movement and games. Children must be dressed with an ability to move and play with ease and comfort. In all grade levels students’ clothing should allow for free and full movement without impediment or revealing undergarments.

  • Hemlines and necklines should allow for freedom of movement without concern for clothing falling off or lifting up to reveal undergarments.

  • Tube tops, off the shoulder tops, and strapless tops are not permitted

  • Shirts and tops must meet the tops of pants such that midriffs are covered

  • Pants and shorts and skirts should fit properly or be belted such that undergarments are not revealed

  • Skirts and shorts must be mid thigh length or longer.


3. Promoting a Study Environment:

Sunrise Waldorf School is a study environment. Our priority is to have students focused on the work and activity of being at school. We are also committed to maintaining a non commercial environment which promotes a healthy sense of well being and positive self esteem in all of our students.

  • Colours, patterns and prints (see photo examples) are permitted.

  • Torn and defaced clothing is not permitted

  • Clothing must have completed or rolled hems

  • Logos, pictures, images, words, sparkles/sequence are not permitted (see photo examples)

Exceptions for SWS embossed t-shirts and sweatshirts as well as Waldorf School Greek Olympics T-shirts and Every Child Matters shirts.

  • Small logos on shoes, hats and outer wear is permitted

  • Small emblems on the breast of a t-shirt are permitted (see photo examples)

  • Caps, hats, and hoods must be removed before entering the classroom or assembly. Exceptions made for health, cultural or religious reasons.

  • Nail polish is not permitted.

  • Makeup : Class 1-5 makeup is not permitted

  • Makeup: Class 6-8 light makeup is permitted

  • Hair dye is not permitted.

  • Students may not draw with ink pens on each other or themselves, body transfers are also not permitted.


4. Festivals and Recitals:

For some festivals, students are requested to wear special clothing to suit the festival. For all school recitals, students are asked to wear white tops and black (dark) bottoms. During our annual Mayfest, students are asked to dress in white tops and white (light) bottoms.

We ask that students, parents, and teachers work together in upholding the dress code at our school. Students who do not comply may be asked to change their clothing or sit out from activities. At the discretion of the teacher a child may be asked to over dye their hair, remove nail polish or provide an appropriate change of clothing. In all cases teachers will communicate with parents directly to address the issue of non-compliance with the dress code.

All children attending Sunrise Waldorf School are expected to have and wear rain boots, a raincoat and hat, and be sufficiently warm during the winter months. Well fitting, warm indoor shoes are also required and should be kept at school.  All students should have a full set of extra clothing kept in their classroom - this is particularly essential for the younger children.  Please label with names all clothing and check the Lost and Found Box often!

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