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Statement from BC Waldorf collective regarding provincial health regulations

In collaboration with AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools of North America)

BC Waldorf Schools are committed to delivering high quality educational programs while ensuring that our operations support the health and welfare of all staff and students.
As institutions, we readily comply with and adhere to provincial and federal regulations as they relate to education, child welfare, and public health. We are committed to preserving respectful and productive relationships with local health authorities, and will continue to work collaboratively with them in all matters that pertain to the health and welfare of students, families, staff, and community. 
Equally, we are committed to preserving and cultivating conscious and respectful relationships within our communities of parents and caregivers as well as the wider Waldorf community. To this end, BC Waldorf School Principals will continue to act as conduits between their local health authority and their community. BC Waldorf School Principals commit to communicating clear and up to date information about local, provincial, and federal health regulations as it is received and as needed.




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