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Statement from BC Waldorf collective regarding provincial health regulations

In collaboration with AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools of North America)

BC Waldorf Schools are committed to delivering high quality educational programs while ensuring that our operations support the health and welfare of all staff and students.
As institutions, we readily comply with and adhere to provincial and federal regulations as they relate to education, child welfare, and public health. We are committed to preserving respectful and productive relationships with local health authorities, and will continue to work collaboratively with them in all matters that pertain to the health and welfare of students, families, staff, and community. 
Equally, we are committed to preserving and cultivating conscious and respectful relationships within our communities of parents and caregivers as well as the wider Waldorf community. To this end, BC Waldorf School Principals will continue to act as conduits between their local health authority and their community. BC Waldorf School Principals commit to communicating clear and up to date information about local, provincial, and federal health regulations as it is received and as needed.

Letter from the board January 2022

Hello Sunrise community,
The board wanted to address the recent public health order that garnered some media attention, and perhaps some attention in our community. The headline I read was “B.C. school boards now required to record staff vaccination status”. Sometimes headlines don’t tell the full story, so we wanted to clarify a couple points.
The vaccination status of teachers is only required if a Medical Health Officer directs the board to do so, at this time we have not received such an order. If a Medical Health Officer does direct us to collect staff vaccination status, no personal information of the individual staff members would be required, only the number of vaccinated & unvaccinated staff. 
While we are on the subject of Covid related information, I wanted to acknowledge that this second year of Covid management in schools is not easy for anyone. Students, teachers, parents, administrators, boards, everyone is feeling it in some way.  Regardless of the diversity in our individual opinions, we all share the experience of stress caused by Covid. However, I hope we can also share in the refuge of our community, which has in many ways stayed admirably connected during what for some have been quite polarizing times.
In reading the recent AWSNA letter to Waldorf schools, I took in something the Executive Director, Rebecca Moskowitz wrote about impacts of Covid management in schools. “These crisis moments are awakening us to what is being called for in society and in education. One of the guiding Principles for Waldorf Schools that stands at the forefront of my mind right now is the fifth principle, which states, ‘The conscious development of human relationships fosters individual and community health.’”
I hope we can take a moment to recognize that while no community is perfect, the Sunrise community is a cherished place for the development of human relationships. We are all an integral part of fostering our community health through these relationships.
Board President Erin Northcott, on behalf of the Sunrise Board of Directors







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